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"The Love for Coffee"


Hello and welcome to PeachyGifts Coffee. Where coffee gets me moving.


Prior to starting PeachyGifts Coffee, I worked in Human Resources, in Marketing and Sales, and while also completing my MBA at FAU in 2015, a personal goal I wanted to accomplish.

I soon realized I wanted more flexibility in my life by creating a business that I was passionate about, share, and inspire others, "the love for coffee". It is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, taking risks, and just going for it. You never know until you take the risk, no regrets. 


Why Coffee? I started this journey a few years ago while working full time, living in various states such as Florida where most of my family resides, besides Missouri where I grew up, and Park City UT, and with a vision of simply blogging for just fun.  Until one day I realized my passion for coffee, and due to all my travels to Europe, not too mention unable to find a great cup of coffee at home that I truly enjoyed.  I began learning all about the coffee process, the industry, how to roast my own, where to source the beans, cupping, aromas, participate in coffee events, watch videos and seminars, etc., and decided to create my own specific blend. 


My mission is to provide quality coffee that others will love and enjoy, and that’s easy to sip without the bitterness, and while also giving back to our communities. My biggest philanthropy is to give back to a no-kill animal shelter for the love of animals. 


Rosanna Mirabal

Owner & Founder

Brew, Sip, Enjoy!




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