Cookies and Ice Cream

Everyone loves dessert, right? Making dessert at home can be fun and simple by allowing you to be creative, and you can control your portions. When you crave sweets, dessert is the answer. One of my favorite desserts is cookies with ice cream, turning the cookie into an ice cream sandwich, it will satisfy your craving without having too much, and of course, just the cookie itself pairs well with "Coffee".

What you need

 Cookies - (Lotus cookies)

 Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (Haagen-Dazs)

 Whip Cream (optional)

 Nutella (optional)

  1. Take two pieces of cookies, add a two teaspoon of vanilla bean ice cream on one side

  2. Take the second cookie and add on top

  3. Add whip cream

  4. Add Nutella

That's all there is to a simple homemade dessert. Yummy!


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