Some like it Hot, some like it Cold!

For those who love a cup of coffee but preferred a cold brew, it is simply easy to make at home. Here are some simple steps to making cold brew at home. I typically make 8 cups of coffee in the morning, and whatever is left over I place in a tight container (you can use your favorite container; I use a mason jar as my fav), and let it sit overnight.

Be sure to try our specialty blend coffee for a smooth taste without the bitterness. It‘s not just about the brewing process, it is also about the quality of the coffee beans, and how the beans are roasted to perfection to create a unique blend and aroma.

  1. Brew your coffee as your normally would in your preferred method.

  2. Let the coffee sit and cool off in the pot (I would not recommend to let it sit, if you are planning on drinking it hot), see our previous blogs, "brewing the perfect cup".

  3. Once the coffee is cool enough, then place the coffee in your favorite container and keep it tightly closed in the refrigerator. Let the coffee sit for about 8-12 hours, and or until the morning.

  4. That's all folks! You are now ready to have cold brew coffee! Next, add your favorite cream, milk and or a hint of cinnamon and you are good to go.

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